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'DE MODE OF LITERATURE' is a global literary journal quarterly published by DE MODE that features reportage, illustrations, exclusive interviews with best-selling authors, best-reads, articles and essays on fiction and non-fiction books, art, memoirs and book reviews.


Dear Readers,

From disruptive culture to out-of-this-world literature, this issue celebrates the contribution of brilliant writers and their relentless need to question the way things work. The idea to come up with a separate literature issue in between fashion publications that we were already putting out on the stands since 2018 was very quick and unpredicted by the publishing company. It took one complete week to decide over separating the fashion issue and the literature issue, and finally, after long discussions, 100 rounds of tea & coffee and unwanted arguments, the team was very confident about the literature issue. So, hereby we proudly present you the very first literature issue of DE MODE for the months Jul-Aug-Sep 2021.

Doing the first cover story of our literature issue with the New York Times Best-Selling Author, Alka Joshi, was very thrilling and an amazing experience learning about her literary journey. Don't miss reading her interview with DE MODE on Page 8.

Perusing is a lovely experience, independent of season or time. Reading by the seashore on a warm summer evening is a joyful encounter. Be that as it may, the best inclination is the point at which you sit inside a sweeping fortification, taste a cup of hot cocoa, and read a decent book when it is pouring outside. In case you are an avid reader too, you will know how it feels to sit in a perusing alcove enclosed by a comfortable cover and read a decent book. Most of us love reading sci-fi books, thrillers at one point or another. With love, we have aggregated a rundown of 10 extraordinary books to read on a stormy day.   

From gripping thrillers to literary gems, here are 25+ reads for this monsoon by brilliant authors Steven J. Morris, Amy Rivers, David Giffen, A. L. Berggren, Matt Jardine, Lee Mathew Goldberg, Kimberly Mullins, Nikki A Lamers, Kochery C. Shibu, Sandee Sgarlata, Alan Bayles, Helen Garraway and others.

Enjoy reading DE MODE JUL-AUG-SEP 2021 GLOBAL LITERATURE ISSUE and pick your top choices from the list of books inside. Share your feedback BY RATING US ON GOOGLE.



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